Education is the deliberate and systematic influence exerted by the  mature person on the immature through instruction and discipline. It is the process by which and through the experience of the race, i.e., knowledge, skills and attitude are transmitted to the members of the community. It is the process of helping the child to adjust to this changing world as every child is born in a culture, grows up in it to maturity where he develops the capacity to modify, change or replace the existent material and non-material aspects for further transmission to the future generations. Thus with this goal our institution Momin Ansar Girls Inter College came into existence on 03/03/1979 which is run under the management of our society Muslim Educational Society, Village: Atrari, P.O: Khairabad, Distt: Mau, U.P., India.  

How We Work

Child Sponsorship helps give a whole community access to life's basic essentials. This contribution from our supporters enables us to systematically invest in the ideal environment for child development.


MES's mission is to create quality learning spaces at the community level, so that every girl in the rural , India, will get an opportunity to continue her education with confidence. MES’s major objective is to provide a girls’ learning space, aimed specifically at those girls who are living and learning in difficult situations, so that they have an opportunity to receive quality education in a secure environment.In the place where Momin Ansar Girls inter College is located, the girls in that area were struggling to read and write, their vocabulary levels were poor, their confidence and motivation for learning was very low, and therefore they were able to study the daily class of their school. Were not able to actively participate in activities.

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We work to overcome contrast barriers at different levels, including awareness, discrimination, infrastructure, geography, education and awareness of poor communities. In each of our program areas, we have integrated voice into other health and livelihood activities. For example, we had a handpump and summer stables in those homes, where there was no clean water system to drink. Worked on water conservation with rural communities and improved clean water facilities in many villages of Mau district. We saw many villages where people still drink water from rivers or ponds and drink dirty water to drink, we used to have hand pumps in all those houses and now they are getting clean water to drink.

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It is crucial to look at the girl child and her rights to survival, protection, development and participation right from the foetal stage to adulthood, to eliminate negative cultural attitudes and strengthen the role of both family and State in improving the status of the girl child. Therefore World Vision India intentionally takes specific action points for the girl child in each issue – health, nutrition, education, and protection. 

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The aim of the computer program is to bridge the digital divide and empower the privileged youth with basic and advanced computer skills. Running at centres in Momin Ansar Girls Inter College, youth of surrounding areas are taught computer basics, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and are conveyed to the Internet. In advanced courses, the program offers tally and desktop publishing, to college-going youth. Extra Crickular Activities include: Personality Development, Resume Making, and Career Counseling Session. The one year long course 'O' level and CABA-MDTP provides maximum practical performance by giving each beneficiary the opportunity to practice the skills taught through worksheets, typing exercises etc. 

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         Small Support...............Big Change

                                                       "GIRLS EDUCATION"

Save the Children works for and with children, it works for equality, equal education, equal nutrition, equal health, equal opportunities, gender equality, humanitarian situations and relief during natural disasters



Medicine distributed to girls in our organization Momin Ansar Girls Inter College. We are always conscious of the health of girls. Our goal is to make people aware of the health of the society and help us as much as possible.

Our organization has provided clean water to the poor people of the society arranged for drinking water. Our objective is that we have installed handpumps in all the nearby villages where people are getting benefits too.





Muslim Educational Society for Muslim Minority girls Education. Of east U.P District – of Mau. That established at 1979 in Muslim backward aria Atrari Po, Khairabad Distt Mau. When established by a educationist and social friend Mr. Asrar Ahmad Ansari. For finish of education backwardness of this area. This organization members specially felled for the girls education and tried and struggled providing girls education and found good achievement and in the short time this institution has gone good position by organization member.


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Atrari, Post- Khairabad, Distt. Mau, U.P INDIA

Phone No:          +915472322555



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